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A timely water cleanup is essential to the health of your family and your home. Water in your home, where it shouldn't be, needs to be cleaned up right away because it can be the cause of so many problems.

If water is left unattended it can lead to environmental health issues for you and your family. Mold, mildew, insect larvae and all kinds of nasty bacteria love a moist environment to live and grow. And these things can cause upper respiratory infection, allergies, rashes and other serious health problems. After we clean out the water from your premises we will sanitize it with the mold killer. Read more about mold remediation

Water that's not cleaned up can also cause structural damage to your home. When water sits for even a short time it can warp and rot the wood that your home is built from. It will also stain and ruin sheetrock. It can also ruin water heaters, furnaces and other equipment in the basement. In cold weather the water will enter crevices and cause expansion and contraction and even crack concrete in your home.

Once the water is extracted we can remove any of the moldy sheetrock, wood, carpeting and any other items in your home that might have been damaged and make repairs.

We can also fix the problem as to why the water is intruding in the house. After we clean up the water we can locate where the water is coming into your home and make repairs to prevent any more water from entering the house. It could be that the grade outside the property needs to be changed so that the water runs away from your home. It could be a damaged outer wall that lets the water seep through, or maybe a leaking pipe. Whatever the cause we will find it and fix it so that your home stays dry and safe.

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